Are you a Nomophobic

Hello Beloved Reader,

Nomophobia is the fear of being about a mobile phone or fear of being disconnected. And many people admit readily that life without their cell phone is unimaginable.
Agreed we are all slaves of technology. Well most of us are. And out of the innumerable gadgetsavailable in the market, the mobile phone is regarded as one of the most desired and indispensable parts of urban individuals. So much the threat of living without it results in a phobia.
Do you often fear of being alienated from your mobile phone? Or do you frequently check whether your phone is ringing or not when it actually isn’t? And lastly, does the sheer thought of breathing without your cell phone scare you? If your answer to all the above question is yes then take it, you are a Nomo phobic. Nomophobia is said to be a fear of getting disconnected or the fear of being without a mobile phone and can be read as ‘no-mobile-phone-phobia’. Owing to our present lifestyle most of us are no…


Hello beloved readers,

Friendship is a word from which all of us are aware even if a child is asked what is a friendship, then he will also tell. But do we really know the meaning of this word? Do we know how friendship happens? Friendship is not occurred by force. It cannot be frustrated by threatening anyone. Friendship is not a word or a relationship but it is a feeling that tells us how special a person is for us. We are so confident in that person whom we can share our happiness as well as personal things.
Friendship is such a relationship that we choose ourselves and it is the most precious gift given by God to every person.
Friendship is such a lovely bond in which a person worries more for other than to himself. Talking to each other, It is a good idea to spend time together. To quarrel, to care for one another, to share every small thing with each other, to trust each other are some beautiful moments in friendship.

People who do not have any friend become the victim of …


Hello Beloved Reader

There is much such pressure associated with the profession in today's time that human beings cannot control themselves. Many times irritability in work becomes so dominant that anger does not control and patience grows. But whatever happens, things are not according to you, control on emotions is very important. If you do not know how to control your emotions then you cannot achieve success in professional life. You must learn the art of Anger Management.


Anger is a dangerous thing. This reduces your ability to think and understand. Due to anger, you cannot do the job properly. Anger is like a burning coal which you keep in your mouth to throw at others but actually, you are only who burn from it. Anybody can become angry- that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose and in the right way- that is not within every body's power and is not…


Introverted Person

Hello dear reader,

Well, in today's present time, every person is like who wants to put a special effect on the person in front of him. Everyone tries to tell themselves better than others. but there are some people who cannot tell their mind to others. In order to adapt to any new environment, they take more time than the others. It is not easy for them to explain their points to others. They have to fight at every step of the life. Due to their behaviour, sometimes they become the characters of jokes. They are 
mocked by people.

 People think they are mentally weak and Burn them all the time. By which their self-confidence which already low and falls more.

 Many people do not tolerate this and become the victims of depression, such people mostly prefer to be alone because they are scared that if they talked to someone, the person in front is making fun of them, laugh at them.
Such people are not weak but they just need support. If such people are supported, then the…


Solving Problems: Every time not like an Engineer

Today we will talk about the solution of a problem.
So let’s start with a story.
Once there was an engineer. He did very hard work. He made day and night one. He engaged in his work for years. And finally, his hard work showed the recentre of attraction of the car. The spoiler was so amazing that no one can remove his eyes from it.
sults. He made an amazing and awesome car in his garage. The design and look were the souls of the car. He almost dedicated his work to its gorgeous looking and its design. He added a spoiler which was the
After some time he was offered by a company. The offer was so big that he can’t deny it. He accepted the offer i.e., he will sell his car to the company. So company’s engineers went to see his car. They went totally hypnotised after seeing his car. All the officers approved it to take it into the market. The engineers fall in love of the spoiler. But the real inspection was remaining i.e. the test drive of …

The Wigs of Happiness

The Wigs of Happiness

Today we will not discuss a single word or a specific word. Today we will talk about the heroes of real life. I am feeling down in front of them today. I just can’t express my feelings towards them.
So let’s start.
Friends and families of artists of Vanitha Sangam, Thripunithura came together to show their support to cancer patients.
Cancer is the most critical disease. One takes years to completely recover from it. Cancer suffered patient smiles once in a very long time. They are the most courageous people, as they do not lose hope for years. They are always in the hope that they have to fight through some bad days to earn best days of their life. Somehow they recover from it but they can’t recover from its traces like loosing of hairs.
Hair is an important element of one’s personality and it often affects patients who shed their locks due to cancer treatment. Hairs played an important role in the development of both male and female social status.
So when a can…



Hello Readers,
Today I will tell you about an amazing word that plays a vital role in making name and fame. The word is confidence. A human is a social creature who always wants to fulfill his necessities and getting his some dreams. In today’s era getting something is not a piece of cake. There is a lot of competition that is enough to break the courage of a man. So my friends if you wish to get your goals. You have to be a confident person with having a faith in your abilities. You have to show your confidence in a great manner because everyone knows that without confidence one can never reach his targets of life.

Now a question is here is that do you all know what the confidence is? And how you can be a confident person? If not, don’t worry I will tell.
When you demonstrate certainty and a belief in yourself you are showing confidence.
Becoming a confident person is not a hard nut to chew but it needs your demonstration and dedication. You can gain courage and confide…